Finally home, enjoying a nice cigare, overwhelmed with emotions as I’m reflecting on what has happened the last few weeks. Winning on the European Tour is a dream come true. A dream that came to light in a way I would have never imagined – in the middle of a sanitary crisis and when golf seemed like a distant memory.

For a dream to come true we must first shape the path. That is why we, as athlete, are all about the journey. Because we know these glory days are hard to come by, but when they do, they will eventually make up for all the sacrifices and rough days we have had along the road. Our ability to take ownership of our dreams and create a process is what separates us from mere dreamers.

Euram Bank Open

To me, winning the Euram Bank Open goes far beyond all the perks that come with it. This victory is rather one on myself, one of many lessons.

It reminded me of Simon Sinek’s words; “Best is temporary. Ultimately, we strive to be better each and every day. We put our talent and energies to make progress in that journey.” Getting my first win on the main tour was a long, messy, frustrating process. Over the last couple years I had asked myself ‘why’ so many times, and I had to dig deeply to eventually find the answer: being the best does not define us, instead striving to be better is what forges our character and build resilience.

I further realized that it’s not just about the journey. It is also about the people we decide to rally in it, and ultimately with whom we choose to share our dream with. Which is why I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the people who have stuck with me since the beginning and those who came along the road. Not to mention my sponsors, Taylormade Golf, Eficium and Paris International Golf Club for their thorough support, but also the ones who have helped me prior to this day.

Euram Bank Open

In the end we must not forget this truth: winning and losing are the opposite side of the same coin, hence why Rudyard Kipling reminds us to “treat these two imposters just the same.” What makes winning real is the people you may celebrate with. Success is just like happiness, only true when shared.



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